Our Origins

"I wander here, I wander there.

My feet are bare but I don't care.

We have no home and we never will.

Traversing place to place at this moment still...

But we're always together; all of us wanderers.

We are strong, we are furious, we are ironclads. We are Nomads."


In 2015, a group of gamers/streamers stumbled upon each other within the Rainbow 6 Siege community of a different organization. As time went on, we found minimal attention from the higher-ranking members towards the common gamers that joined. As a result, we made the decision that that we wanted to go above and beyond our past organization's overall management. We wanted to create a community-focused organization that would be different from the rest. We believe an organization should be supportive of each individual member and give everyone a voice - no matter how big or small the matter.


On April 24th 2017, after branding our logo from the talented Clamarmic, the Nomads organization was born. All are welcome to join the Nomads as we strive to provide an encouraging environment for both gamers and streamers of all genres. After a few weeks, our establishment grew immensely with new members, knowledge, and experience. It was then that the Nomads started to become a second home. Thanks to the gratitude and contributions of our members and our sponsors, we are able to push towards newer and higher heights. Now diving in to the eSports scene, the Nomads will show the gaming community that we are here to stay, and that the Nomads will rise.


The Nomads is a gaming organization with community-foundations for all wandering gamers looking for a place called home.

  • Joshua Curry Owner/Founder Joshua Curry
  • Sully Owner/Founder Sully
  • Uly Araujo Owner/Founder Uly Araujo
  • Michaela La Traille Social Media Manager (FB) Michaela La Traille
  • Brandon Brignac Recruiter Brandon Brignac
  • Stephen Rodriguez Social Media Manager (IG) Stephen Rodriguez

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